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May 2018

When Fit Recovery MN was founded I really just wanted to help people. I believed in what cryo had to offer and wanted to help people reclaim their health, happiness, and hobbies. It is hard to enjoy your life fully if you’re in pain all the time. Too many people put on a brave face and force a smile day after day. They put on a brave face and do what needs doing, but they are hurting.

So many people face this daily challenge of hidden pain. It really is a shame.

Already, we are hearing from clients that have come regularly that they are feeling better than they have in years. They are moving more. Sleeping better. Taking fewer pain pills to function. They are feeling like themselves again. Something some weren’t sure would ever happen. We could not be happier. It is exactly what I’d hoped and prayed would happen.

Here’s what I didn’t see coming, cryo is social. Maybe it is because those three minutes pass a whole lot faster if you’re chatting. I’m not sure, but we love it when friends and couples come in together. Perhaps even more fun is two stranger getting to know each other three minutes at a time.

Whatever the case, we love it. We have some big plans ahead and we are so excited to have you along.

If you haven’t tried cryotherapy yet we always offer a special for your first time. We highly suggest trying it three times within a week to see some results. Sadly, like exercise and healthy eating, it isn’t a one and done scenario. The good news is this, you will likely feel more better after three minutes of cryo than you do after eating broccoli – no offense to broccoli.



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