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The team at Fit Recovery is here to help you. Everyone here truly cares about the clients we serve. You are making an investment in your health and well-being and nothing makes us happier than hearing your success stories.

Each team member is fully trained in the operation of the cryo sauna. We have cryo technicians who specialize in the facials and fat burning treatments. We all use and believe in cryotherapy ourselves. Feel free to ask lots of questions!

If it is your first time, we have a book you can look through and recommend coming a little early so you can watch a couple people during their sessions. Often watching someone else makes it less intimidating. It can also be amazing to hear their success stories.

We understand that getting yourself psyched up to chill can be a challenge and we are here to talk you through it!

We have done our best to compile answers to the questions we frequently hear, so please visit our FAQ Page.

Come Chill With Us

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We are so excited to help you freeze your way to a better day!

Keith Moeller, Owner

keith moeller, owner of fit recovery

Keith Moeller has always loved helping people. During his career in facility management, he learned of cryotherapy and was instantly intrigued. Keith let faith lead the way in forming this business and finds it incredibly rewarding to hear the ways that cryo is helping clients.

Keith tries to do cryo each day and has seen increased energy, fewer aches and pains, and greatly improved sleep as a result.


Shandee does cupping massage on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday evenings between 5:00 and 8:00pm.

Cupping is done by appointment, and Shandee can be contacted directly at 651-242-7746.

Then under services (after cryotherapy packages) add Cupping Massage with this info:

Cupping massage is one of the most effective modalities for treatment of muscular disorder due to muscle spasms, traumatic muscular pain, muscular contracture and shortening. Cupping can help in decompression of compacted tissues which can restore maximum circulatory levels. This reduces stagnated blood in the affected area, improves muscle elasticity and helps minimize muscle adhesions, allowing the area to heal properly.